Photo Friday: Looking Forward to 2013

For my final post of 2012, I wanted to find an image that captured both the places I’ve been this year, and the feelings that my travels have induced.

I came across this howler monkey in a Lima zoo (all things considered, the conditions there exceeded my expectations).  His eyes and the expression on his face seemed so human, so pensive.

That’s exactly how the last ten months have found me — lost in thought.  As I’ve traveled, I’ve encountered an endless list of new places, people, and cultures.  All of these experiences have left me time to reevaluate my own life.  What is important to me?  Where do I want to be ten years from now?  What type of people do I want in my life?

Sometimes, this thinking has reinforced values that I’ve always held.  Other times, I’ve come to surprising conclusions.  At different stages in my trip, my perspective has shifted, as things like dancing, friends, family, Holland, Canada, writing, and history struggle to win priority in my life.

The most important thought that has stayed with me throughout this journey is this: right now, I am completely happy.  My life amazes me.  Every day, I wake up, happy to be where I am, and the person that I am.  And that is an attitude that I’m determined to bring home next week, and carry forward with me.

We all deserve a happy life.  Make sure you’re living one.

Here’s to 2013, our next chance to live the life we want to live.

Happy New Year, everyone!