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Why I Stopped Blogging

While I was back in Canada for the holidays, a number of friends asked why I'd stopped blogging. The simple answer would be that life got in the way, that I wanted to focus on writing fiction which already soaked up most of my free time. Of course, answers like ...

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The Sisters at Petra

When I first meet the American sisters, I wonder why they would ever move here. Everyone in this tiny Jordanian village belongs to the same Bedouin tribe. Everyone except them. My friend and I sit cross-legged in a shadowy room, our knees flirting with the edge of the crackling fire. Eight ...

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A Year Abroad in Photos

There's something strange about packing for home the way you would pack for a holiday, choosing what to bring and what to leave behind. That's what I'm doing right now as I prepare to return to Canada. I'll arrive exactly a year after I left. 365 days of traveling, living, ...

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Juno Beach

70 Years After Juno: The Future of Canadian Remembrance Ceremonies

Fourteen years ago, on June 6, 2000, I stood with my family at the Canadian cemetery by Juno Beach. We had arrived at the commemoration ceremony partially by accident; unable to find a camping spot, we'd parked our VW Westfalia in the cemetery parking lot, and awoke the next morning ...

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10 Lessons Learned While Studying Abroad in the Netherlands

Five years ago this week, I arrived alone in a new city and was greeted by strangers. I had no idea that in getting off that train at Tilburg Centraal, I was stepping into what would form the most memorable chapter of my life to date. In the semester that ...

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A'dam Lights

Anchor Chains, Plane Motors, and Train Whistles – A Note on Travel

George Bailey: You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are? Uncle Billy: Uh huh. Breakfast is served; lunch is served; dinner... George Bailey: No no no no. Anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles. -It's a Wonderful Life I lie in bed in the loft of my grandmother's condo, a ...

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7 Items that All Backpackers Should Always Pack

Hostel life can be easy and comfortable if you remember to pack beyond the basics. Although I try to keep my backpack as light and compact as possible, there are a few "extras" I always bring with me.  Here's my list of seven things that you shouldn't leave home without, whether ...

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West Coast Summer: Photos of the Canadian Gulf Islands

Notes on summers past: hot July days spent on Ruxton Island, one of the many Gulf Islands along the west coast of British Columbia.           The tide was out.   The boy and the girl took off their shoes and let their toes sink into the cool sludge. The water was so low ...

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Conquering Routine, or Being Conquered: First Thoughts in the Netherlands

I've been holed up in a house in the eastern part of the Netherlands for a week now.  Writing all day, every day, but not for La Viajera, as it's clear to see.  I've been avoiding it.  First came schoolwork, then freelance stuff, then writing that I won't get paid ...

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Weekly Travel Photo: Towering Over Dusseldorf, Germany

I'm back in Europe now, so I thought I would show a photo from the beginning of my Africa road trip.  My brother and I flew to Johannesburg from Dusseldorf, Germany. One of our oldest friends was living there as an expat, so we were fortunate enough to spend the night ...

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